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About PCSS

The UNHCR-led Protection and Community Services Sector (PCSS) gathers protection and community services actors inside Syria to ensure an effective response to the protection needs of affected population, by coordinating preparedness, needs assessments, activities and coverage, and by developing strategies and harmonised approaches to address protection challenges. The Sector provides advice to the HC and the HCT on protection advocacy and interventions, and assists other Sectors to mainstream protection principles and standards in their humanitarian response.

The PCSS is led by UNHCR and has 21 members who meet on a monthly basis in the Damascus-based Protection Sector Working Group (WG). Members include UN agencies, NNGOs and INGOs. The sector has two AoRs of expertise: Child Protection (CP), led by UNICEF with 17 members, and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) led by UNFPA with 19 members. Several members are active in all AoRs of the Sector.

  • Sector Response
    As end of August 2018, 3,475,567 direct protection interventions services were provided to persons with specific protection needs. 37% were General protection interventions, 25% Child protection, 15% GBV and 23% Risk education.
  • Sector Response Geographical Expansion
    Protection services were delivered in 218 sub-districts (14 Governorates) of Syria (80% of all sub-districts) including 119 hard to reach areas.
  • Max Governorate Coverage
    Protection services were mainly delivered in Aleppo (22%), followed by and Rural Damascus (20%), Homs (11%) then by Tartous (8%).
  • Sector Delivering Capacity Expansion
    The number of partners that directly implement protection services totaled 61 at the end of September 2018, of which SARC, 38 national NGOs, 11 international NGOs, 6 UN Agencies and 6 Governmenrtal Institutions
  • Static Facilities
    The protection interventions were achieved through the network of 105 Community Centers run by UNHCR and national partners (97) and by an international member (8); through 45 Women and Girls Safe Spaces, Family Protection Units and Community Wellbeing Centers supported by UNFPA in cooperation with SARC, other national partners and the Ministry for Social Affairs; and through (126) Child Friendly Spaces and Centers run by UNICEF and national partners. Also, through mobile teams and outreach volunteers
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About Dashboard

The PCSS Dashboard is an ultimate tool for analyzing the activities and the coverage of the Protection and Community Services Sector inside Syria.

Its main functionality is to connect to different data stores and visualize data using a wide range of visuals and maps.

The basis for the data is provided through the regular 4W data reporting of the sector partners. As such, it is as accurate and complete as the reporting of the partners is effective.

The tool is not limited to a specific number of dashboards or information products. It is accompanied with a dynamic offline designer interface to produce the products displayed in this website.

For more information please contact Dominique Fotsing at fotsing@unhcr.org or Hussien Ahmad at ahmadhus@unhcr.org.